Thank you Smyrna voters. I am humbled. The final count was Corkey Welch 219 and Mike McNabb 169.
I look forward to serving the citizens of Ward 4 as their new Councilman!

Smyrna Ward 4 Residents:

Roughly 4 years ago I received a phone call from Jim Hawkins. I had commented to Mr. Hawkins on occasion that I was interested in running for Smyrna City Council. Mr. Hawkins explained that he was resigning his position due to his moving out of Smyrna and asked if I would like his support in running for the seat.

My wife and I discussed the opportunity. At that time our children were 13 and 16 years old and both very active in and out of school. I ultimately declined the offer. I explained to Mr. Hawkins that I needed to devote my time to both of my children and their activities and that a City Council run would have to wait.

One reason I have decided to run for the Ward 4 City Council position at this time is partially due to the fact that the time is right for me to return something to the City. As a consulting engineer for several Georgia communities it is my responsibility to advise my clients on a wide variety of issues typically related to their engineering needs. I will use my knowledge and experience gained from 30 years in the consulting business to make logical decisions for the City of Smyrna.

Another reason for my running for the City Council position is to improve the communication channels between the citizens of Ward 4 and the City Council. Every citizen deserves to be heard. Any citizen of Smyrna can write, call, text, email, or simply catch me on the street. I will listen, discuss, debate, argue and ultimately explain my position to anyone in or out of Ward 4. While we may agree to disagree at times, as all individuals do, we will at the least, have dialogue.

Finally, I am running for the position to offer my experience in continuing the improvements and expansion of numerous projects in Smyrna. While the task may seem impossible in the current economic environment, I do feel that there are steps that can be taken to improve unsightly, incomplete projects and blighted spots within Smyrna. Smyrna is our home and, I personally, am extremely proud to be a resident. As your City Councilman I will work to ensure that we, and future generations, can all be proud of where we live.

I am asking for your support, your help, and finally, your vote. Thank you for listening. I promise to do the same.

Charles "Corkey" Welch